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The Nominations

The Nominations 2013

imdb 7.7 84

The Outer Critics Circle (OCC) Award winners, which many see as a precursor to the Tonys, have just been announced. The results amp up the strategies each team uses in securing that coveted Tony nomination. Each of the individual members of the "Bombshell" and "Hit List" teams make some moves - some calculated, some unwitting - that may place them in a bad light, especially in how they deal with their main competition. Regardless of the OCCs, Tom may have problems getting a Tony nomination because of the less than friendly or ethical encounters he has with movie and Broadway star Patrick Dillon, who is on the Tony nominating committee. Thus it may not be good timing for Tom to admit or act upon the fact that he has a crush on "straight" Patrick, whose sexual orientation has been in question by the public. Jerry wants to use the OCCs that "Hit List" won for his advertising campaign for the Tonys, which does not include pushing for Kyle, who he says is getting no buzz. As such, Jimmy does whatever he can to lobby for Kyle. The "Hit List" team may have bigger problems because of the situation with Derek firing Ana and replacing her with Daisy, who only got the part in a blackmail on Derek. Although she cares about the awards, Ivy is more preoccupied by the news that she's pregnant. She has to decide whether she will choose motherhood or career at this important juncture, and if and how she will tell the father, Derek, with who she now feels disconnected. Another person preoccupied with other issues is Julia, who is dealing with a less than amiable divorce proceeding. Julia's relationship problems makes Eileen think about her own failed relationship with incarcerated Nick.

Runtime: 43
Genres: Drama, Musical
Starts: Debra Messing, Jack Davenport, Katharine McPhee, Christian Borle
Director: Michael Morris

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