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The Bells and Whistles

The Bells and Whistles 2013

imdb 8.1 93

The level of collaboration at "Bombshell" and "Hit List" are taking divergent paths. Derek has his big budget sensibility in directing "Hit List" and is able to stick to his vision within the limited budget. However, that vision doesn't sit well with Jimmy, who voices his opposition. Their relationship is further negatively affected by Derek's hands off statement concerning Karen, who doesn't know why Jimmy has not approached her romantically. On the other hand, Tom, now the director of "Bombshell", wants to please everyone, especially his new star Ivy, by listening to and incorporating their ideas. However, Tom's juggling act has its own problems, especially in trying to incorporate an idea more for his own personal rather than professional reason. Derek and Tom may have to find a common middle ground for both their productions to succeed. Meanwhile, Julia is trying to mend a fifteen year estrangement with Scott. And Eileen, who has regained production control of "Bombshell", is having problems trying to drum up any positive buzz around the production. With Tom's approval, Eileen embarks on what she believes is a newsworthy idea which will most directly affect Ivy for good or more likely bad.

Runtime: 43
Genres: Drama, Musical
Starts: Debra Messing, Jack Davenport, Katharine McPhee, Christian Borle
Director: Craig Zisk

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