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Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs 2013

imdb 7.9 102

Tom has been appointed director of "Bombshell" after Derek leaves the show. But Tom's style and vision doesn't mesh with Karen, with who the rapport becomes quietly but openly strained. In addition, Tom doesn't feel he can use Derek's choreography, and as such the new dance numbers are insipid, especially in Jerry's eyes. Eileen works behind the scenes to regain legal production control from Jerry, but even if she does achieve this goal, it may be too late for Tom, who may be fired by Jerry, especially as he still wants Derek back at the helm. Jerry's wish may become reality as Derek is having troubles letting go of "Bombshell" from his life. Julia does whatever she can to protect Tom in this situation. Meanwhile, "Liaisons" now has as its star a non-medicated and thus non-manic Terry Falls, but that still may not be able to save the production from a critical drubbing on its opening and thus imminent closure. But some within the production may not see that as a bad thing. And after its run at the Fringe, "Hit List" tries to move to an off Broadway theater, but the theater's new manager, Scott, who is an old friend of Derek's, requests that Jimmy and Kyle make some changes before he allows it to be performed on the theater's main stage. This directive does not sit well with Jimmy, who doesn't agree with it.

Runtime: 43
Genres: Drama, Musical
Starts: Debra Messing, Jack Davenport, Katharine McPhee, Christian Borle
Director: Casey Nicholaw

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